Ju-Jitsu classes are back for another season  Starting first week of October ( Thursday 1st and Friday 2nd)  Come join us for classes that are fun, active and an excellent form of self defense.  
Darwell: Tues/Thurs-3:30-5:00pm-$60.00/mo
Alberta Beach: Tues/Thurs-5:30-7:00pm-$60.00/mo
Busby: Fridays-3:30-5:30pm-$40.00/mo
Barrhead: Fridays-6:30-8:00pm-$40.00/mo
Yearly Insurance fee (one time payment)-$35.00/student
If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact Sensei's Joseph or                                                          Valerie Lindal
Sensei Joseph-780-554-7938Sensei Valerie-780-294-9355